Antonio Trento, an aspiring entrepreneur!

Hello! Well landed! I am Antonio and I am an aspiring entrepreneur.

I want to plant trees! For this I will become an entrepreneur! Here’s what:

Of course I also have personal wishes, which concern success and money.. For some years, about ten, after work, I have dedicated myself to the realization of my goal. I already have a couple of ideas in the pipeline, which I have been carrying out for a while and would like to realize

To achieve it I became tight in the following disciplines:

Web marketing

Knowing Marketing is imperative for me and my goals, so I apply myself every day to learn new things.


I have been able to write programs for 20 years now, I haven't lost this habit yet!

photography and design

Photography is very important if you want to do marketing and communicate on the web. This is why I study, shoot and post-produce it often.

Web marketing

I know in depth the dynamics of web marketing. I didn’t stop at SMM, SEO, PPC, influencer markerting and affiliate marketing.

I know and want to implement crowdfunding campaigns, grow hacking, cause related marketing, Giveway systems. All seasoned with impetuous offline strategies, which dare where no one would ever go.

In this area I have carried out many tests, and created structures to support them, such as bloocks which allows me to create websites of different nature with already integrated important marketing triggers, lantoniotrento on pinterest which thanks to a series of strategies has 400K views per month, catsonweb which a year ago got 2M views a month, but which I have now emptied because I will use the audience obtained for a complete project.

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I was born as a computer scientist and I have been writing code for a lifetime, unfortunately I have never worked in the sector, but I have several interesting personal projects.

The most beautiful and useful for my goals is Bloocks a static website generator, an intellectual property of mine, developed by itself through the support of open source software, which connects to a decentralized cart to become ecomerce, integrated blog and allows you to take advantage of the web marketing at its best thanks to many specially implemented scripts!

Among the most noteworthy: bloocks among the most efficient in percormace and at the same time complete with functionality on the market , Fomofoto a personal website developed in AMP to optimize performance, Jekyll New Age a template for Jekyll used in many startups as a starting point for their projects.


I learned photography thanks to my need to apply it to marketing and thanks to some of the most famous books in the sector in the world.

I’m not a phenomenon, but I manage well both in production and post production, I know very well the concepts related to composition and I know why different types of lenses are needed based on the type of shot you want to get.

You can see some of my work on Guru shots, Eyeem and also on Flickr.


Are you an entrepreneur or an aspirant like me? Perfect! Then let’s get to know each other

If what you see here has struck you, I have decided to know me, so be it, for me it’s a pleasure!

I’m sure you know that it’s really hard to find people interested in certain topics and who have certain kinds of visions! I have not yet been able to find reliable partners to achieve entrepreneurial goals together!

What they say about Antonio.

Antonio has collaborated in real fields with different realities, here

Alessandro Bertrando Whitewashing company

Antonio supported me at the launch of Trendcolor, created for online and offline branding, my company’s website, implemented a platform to automate the billing process. To this day he still collaborates with me, providing me with really useful tips and advice!

Rafi Chowdhury E-commerce manager, W.M. Barr

I consulted with Antonio regarding Twitter automation. Antonio not only advised on the best tools on the market for Twitter but also helped me set up the entire automation process. Beyond that, he is also a Facebook marketing automation Expert. If you are looking to streamline and automate your social media, talk to Antonio! He is a simple, and to the point guy who will tell you as it is. I have really enjoyed my time working with Antonio.

Claudio Canfora Head of marketing, Innovasoft

Antonio Trento has always distinguished itself in its active digital communication at all levels, with creativity, originality and insight, I recommend him as a professional.

Let’s get to know each other!Maybe, together, we will do something great!